Strategy and ESG advisory

Navigate complex issues and make informed decisions to drive your sustainable business or government strategy.

We help you work through problems to drive positive change.

Our deep experience across many sectors and strategic planning skills mean we can help you to set well informed goals, reduce risks and deliver better outcomes.

Our services

Strategy Development helps clients achieve their goals by creating smart plans through a proven strategic process. Our holistic approach brings together contributions from various technical disciplines and covers areas like economic, land use, infrastructure and community development. Our facilitation services include assessment, mapping, planning, development, and proposal writing.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) encapsulates the concept of sustainability. Our advisory team helps businesses incorporate ESG considerations into their operations and decision-making, to align with the growing demand for responsible and sustainable practices from investors, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Recognised professionals

In addition to providing specialised Strategy and ESG advisory services, our experts include recognised:

  • Business case and investment logic practitioners
  • Statutory advisors helping clients understand and comply with legislative requirements
  • Peer reviewers and expert advisors who provide feedback on performance and help identify areas for improvement through data-driven recommendations based on market trends and other key indicators
  • Expert witnesses providing objective analysis of complex issues as subject matter experts

Strategy and ESG specialists


Statutory advisors

Peer reviewers and subject matter experts

Expert witnesses

Our team is deeply experienced at supporting organisational-level, local, state and federal government policy and strategy development.


Strategy, ESG and advisory services

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We are very pleased to announce the opening of an NGH office in Melbourne. The new office, to be located in the heart of the CBD and operational by the end of the year

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Christy Englezakis

Technical Director - Advisory

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