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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are becoming increasingly important for companies and investors.

With a growing number of ESG rating agencies and indices that assess companies’ performance on ESG factors, they recognise the impact of sustainability on long-term financial performance.

However, navigating the complex and evolving landscape of ESG frameworks, policies, and practices can be a challenge for many organisations. NGH offers a range of services to help companies understand and position themselves in relation to ESG and sustainability frameworks.

From ESG strategy development to organisational change and sustainable practice, our advisors guide organisations through the process of integrating ESG considerations into their decision-making and investments.

  • Sustainability framework interpretation and advice – guidance and support to help your company or project navigate ESG and sustainability frameworks and requirements, to inform your decision-making and investment strategies.
  • ESG Strategy/Policy development and appraisal – Development of ESG and related policies and strategies can be complex and time consuming. NGH can use a streamlined approach to create or refresh policies and strategies
  • Organisational change and sustainable practice – Behavioural shifts are often to embed positive ESG practices into an organisation, and our team has extensive experience in guiding organisational change and capability development.
  • ESG/ Sustainability Risk and opportunities planning – NGH can guide you through an ESG risk and opportunities assessment process which involves collectively identifying the materiality of risk and opportunities across ESG themes to confirm their level of materiality and recommended actions to manage these.

ESG - Environmental advisory services

Today, addressing climate change, managing waste, and preserving biodiversity are crucial for creating a sustainable future. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of services that can assist organisations identify, quantify, and manage the impacts of climate change.

ESG - Environmental advisory services

Climate change risk assessment and planning

Our advisors help to identify, quantify, and manage climate change impacts by using scientific methods and working through risk assessments using state-based guidelines. We can also guide collaborative planning and empower communities to manage local climate risks.

Waste and circularity advice

We offer support to develop and deliver waste and circularity plans, including community engagement and partnership with external specialists. We also offer education and behavior change programs and sustainable procurement planning and delivery.

Environmental economic analysis

Our expertise in environmental economics informs planning and decision-making. Our methods include analysing economic value, cost-benefit, social return on investment, liveability, multi-criteria, non-market valuation, and value chain assessment for projects and strategies.


As an established environmental consultancy, we have extensive capability and experience in Biodiversity and Ecology – from conservation planning to recovery planning valuation and urban greening planning – to achieve ESG outcomes.

Carbon reduction and net zero strategy

There is a growing requirement to curb emissions in infrastructure planning and for proactive steps to avoid or reduce GHG emissions through proactive planning.We work with you to understand your carbon footprint and work through strategies to reduce it.

ESG - Social advisory services

Addressing social issues helps organisations promote a positive social impact, build trust and credibility with stakeholders, and contribute to sustainable and responsible business practices. It can include factors such as employee relations, human rights, supply chain management, customer satisfaction, community relations, and diversity and inclusion.

ESG Social advisory services

Social impact analysis, assessment, and management

NGH’s team of Social Scientists analyse potential social impacts and risks associated with a project and offer recommendations on mitigations. They review previous assessments to identify gaps that may prevent the project from gaining approval or funding. Understanding and addressing social impacts is crucial for shaping and implementing successful projects.

Benefit sharing and community partnerships

Large infrastructure projects must demonstrate how they generate and share benefits with the communities around it. We assist with developing benefit sharing schemes for large infrastructure projects that ensure the best outcomes for both the community and the developer. Our services include community engagement, establishing benefit sharing schemes with clients, and reviewing progress during project delivery.

Indigenous partnerships and participation

Through our networks and expertise, we can help you to understand and establish connections and partnerships with Traditional Owners. This includes identifying participation and capability development opportunities.

Local industry participation

NGH has expertise in engaging with local industries to establish local industry participation plans and policies. This helps support project delivery and increases regional economies’ sustainability and capabilities. A lack of foresight around local content engagement is a significant risk for infrastructure projects if it is not proactively managed.

ESG - Governance advisory services

Good governance practices can help reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, and enhance reputation, all of which can benefit the long-term sustainability of a company. Governance refers to the systems and processes that are put in place to ensure that a company operates ethically and responsibly. Governance includes areas such as executive compensation, board composition, transparency, and accountability.

ESG - Governance advisory services

Establishing governance frameworks

NGH can support you in establishing governance frameworks and arrangements to provide the required project governance and assurance. 

Reporting and auditing

Our experts can also support you in reviewing and reporting against your performance, including:

  • Analysis of goals and targets
  • Compliance
  • Annual reporting

Recognised professionals

Strategy and ESG specialists


Statutory advisors

Peer reviewers and subject matter experts

Expert witnesses

Today, many organisations are implementing ESG frameworks simply because it’s the right thing to do. Not because they are concerned about regulatory penalties.

Today, many organisations are implementing ESG frameworks simply because it’s the right thing to do. Not because they are concerned about regulatory penalties.

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Balancing clean energy, scenic landscapes, and sustainable agriculture through considered planning
We are very pleased to announce the opening of an NGH office in Melbourne. The new office, to be located in the heart of the CBD and operational by the end of the year
Balancing clean energy, scenic landscapes, and sustainable agriculture through considered planning

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