Aboriginal and historic heritage

Fostering balance between sustainable development and Australia’s rich Indigenous and Historic Heritage

Preserving Australia’s cultural identity by balancing the need for development with Aboriginal and historic heritage considerations.

NGH has the vision to facilitate a sustainable future for Australia through innovative, holistic, and community-based planning. For heritage, the best approach to achieve this is through careful consideration of heritage elements early in the planning process. Broad community recognition of the significance of Aboriginal heritage and non-Aboriginal heritage within the Australian landscape means development projects are more likely to be supported and progressed where the cultural heritage assessments are completed using sound principles of consultation, significance assessment, and implementation of management actions that suitably protect, enhance or mitigate impacts to cultural heritage sites.

The significance of archaeological sites, built heritage places, and places of cultural value needs to be assessed with scientific rigor and considered for their social and community values.

Our team of archaeologists and heritage specialists identify heritage sites, landscapes, and values, assess their conservation options and opportunities to integrate heritage values within the proposed development, as well as develop appropriate practical management strategies.

Aboriginal and historic heritage services

Our experienced team works to identify, record and protect significant cultural heritage sites and values of the Indigenous peoples of Australia, including their languages, traditions, art and stories. Through ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage is respected, understood, and celebrated, it’s unique values can be passed down to future generations.

Australian historic heritage experts at NGH investigate the country’s rich and diverse historic period. Our team works with clients to ensure that the places, stories and experiences of the Australian people including significant historical figures are documented and preserved, helping to illuminate Australia’s history.


NGH’s archaeological team studies the excavated material remains of past human societies, including artefacts, relics, buildings, and landscapes. These analyses document and interpret the history and culture of Indigenous peoples and early non-Indigenous people in Australia, helping to enrich our understanding of the country’s past and contribute to ongoing heritage conservation efforts.

Built heritage

Identification, recording and assessments of the built heritage environment is extremely important to be able to provide guidance on management options. At NGH our experts work to ensure that important examples of design, engineering, and construction are identified and preserved, and that they continue to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic life of the communities in which they are located.

Heritage conservation plans

Heritage conservation planning involves developing strategies, policies and actions to preserve and protect our cultural and natural heritage. This planning process includes identifying significant heritage sites and landscapes, assessing their conservation needs, and implementing appropriate measures to ensure their ongoing protection, management, and interpretation for future generations.

Heritage negotiation and agreements

Heritage negotiation and agreements involve collaboration and negotiation between stakeholders, including government agencies, Indigenous communities, property owners, proponents and other interested parties. Agreements form the basis of ongoing heritage management processes and actions, and collaboration between stakeholders to enable project delivery with the practical management of significant heritage sites and landscapes.

Aboriginal community consultation

NGH’s heritage consultants engages and partners with Indigenous communities and stakeholders to seek their input and involvement in decision-making processes that may affect their cultural heritage. This consultation is essential to ensure that the views and perspectives of Aboriginal people are respected and integrated into project assessments that affect their significant cultural places, traditions and values

Advice and Guidance

Cultural heritage matters can be daunting and complex. However, our experienced team can provide clients with advice and direction to achieve sustainable results. We can provide outlines on approach, approval pathways, expected outcomes and timelines that can put clients at ease at any stage of their project planning. We are also able to provide peer review.

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Sustainable development begins with community. We work hard to establish meaningful engagement with communities and stakeholders and begin by ‘asking first’ and listening.

Matt Barber
Technical Director – Heritage 

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