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Fostering strong, equitable relationships with Aboriginal communities is key to balanced outcomes.

Our track record of success centres on the strong, equitable relationships that we have built with key First Nations stakeholders over the years.  Our services cover all aspects of Aboriginal or Indigenous heritage, including research, field surveys and excavations, significance and impact assessments and development of practical management outcomes for development projects. Our team is highly experienced in consultation with Indigenous communities and stakeholders.

We approach each project as an opportunity to collaborate with project proponents and Indigenous communities to facilitate balanced, sustainable outcomes. By recognising and including First Nations knowledge, co-designing and co-managing projects, addressing impacts and benefits, and meeting legal obligations and standards, projects achieve better outcomes.

This approach recognises the importance of Indigenous knowledge and values, which can provide valuable insights into sustainable development practices. By involving Aboriginal communities in decision-making processes, sustainable development initiatives can better reflect the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders, leading to greater support and more successful outcomes. Strong relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and ongoing commitment also help to build trust, which is crucial for long-term cooperation and sustainable development.

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Indigenous heritage services

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We recognise that Indigenous people have been a part of the Australian landscape for millennia. Through engagement and archaeological research we strive to better understand this history and connection to country so we are all able to work towards a sustainable future together.

Matthew Barber
Technical Director – Heritage

We are only at the beginning of the journey, but the lens of historical inquiry and archaeological research is already helping to develop a better understanding and inform the improvements Australia needs. We must recognise that while we can’t undo what has occurred in the past, we can head into the future with open eyes, ears and hearts.

Aboriginal heritage services

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