Project Environmental Management

NGH provides expert advice and environmental management planning across the full post-approval project life cycle, from construction and operation, to closure.

Strong environmental management and controls are seen as crucial to addressing environmental risks posed by projects during development, construction, operations and closure.

NGH can provide a tailored environmental management approach and develop systems and plans that clearly identify and address environmental risks in a practical manner. Our practical and implementable approaches are aimed at meeting statutory requirements, while improving environmental performance, community relations, and sustainable project and business outcomes.

NGH has a team of highly experienced and accredited environmental auditors to deliver environmental compliance and assurance audit services to assess project performance and identify key risks and areas for improvement. Although audits can be challenging, our auditors guide clients through the process while maintaining full transparency with observations and findings to help achieve meaningful and useful outcomes.

We strive to help our clients develop sustainable environmental practices and performance that complement on-site and corporate management programs while meeting regulatory requirements.

Project environmental management services

Environmental management plans and guidelines are necessary for projects to identify and mitigate potential negative environmental impacts. They help ensure compliance with environmental regulations and approval conditions and promote sustainability by reducing environmental harm and promoting responsible resource management. NGH prepares management plans required across the full project life cycle from construction through to operation, and closure and rehabilitation.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) provide a framework for identifying and managing environmental risks and opportunities. They help ensure compliance with environmental regulations, reduce environmental impacts, and promote sustainability while also improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.  NGH can develop and assist with the deployment and ongoing implementation of EMS that meet internationally recognised standards.

NGH environmental compliance and assurance auditors ensure that the relevant environmental regulations and standards are upheld. The team helps identify areas of non-compliance and associated environmental risks, allowing for corrective actions to be taken before environmental harm occurs. They promote a culture of environmental responsibility and always deliver audits and audit programs in a transparent manner to achieve consensus and favourable outcomes.

By implementing ecological principles into the construction process, we help our clients protect local biodiversity and promote long-term environmental sustainability. Our services include nestbox installation and monitoring, fauna spotter catcher services, weed and pest surveys, and pre-clearance surveys, so that our clients can identify and reduce the impact of construction on their environment, while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Environmental incident investigation

In the unfortunate event of an environmental incident, our investigation team will identify the causal factors and the extent of the incident, such as a pollution or contamination event. The investigation aims to determine the impacts of the incident, assess liability, and recommend corrective actions to mitigate harm and prevent future incidents.  We have trained Lead Investigators that deliver an industry best practice approach.

Environmental monitoring and reporting

Our team delivers full-life cycle environmental monitoring programs, covering complex long-term monitoring programs, including Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs (REMP) and required reporting outputs, such as Annual Returns, Annual Monitoring Reports and Rehabilitation Monitoring reports. We also provide short-term construction monitoring programs such as land, water and air, and pre and post clearance terrestrial and aquatic ecology surveys and nest box installation and monitoring.

Contaminated Land

In addition to our Environmental Monitoring and Reporting services we also can deliver Contaminated Land Assessments, including Preliminary and Detailed Site Assessments and Remediation Action Plans.  We also delver pre-development soil surveys, waste classification sampling, acid sulphate soil assessment and associated requisite management plans.

Successful projects incorporate robust environmental management plans, systems, compliance, monitoring, incident investigation and contaminated land assessments

Successful projects incorporate robust environmental management plans, systems, compliance, monitoring, incident investigation and contaminated land assessments

Project environmental management services

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Jane Mills – General Manager of Planning and Environmental Management

Jane Mills

General Manager - Planning, Environmental Management, Engagement, Social Development and Strategy

Nicola Smith – Regional Manager Environmental Management – NSW/Vic

Nicola Smith

Regional Manager Environmental Management – NSW/VIC

Will Weir – Technical Director Environmental Management

Will Weir

Technical Director Environmental Management

Adam Folkers – Regional Manager Environmental Management - Qld

Adam Folkers

Regional Manager Environmental Management - QLD

Claire Bonfield

Claire Bonfield

Business Manager - Ecology Construction Services (ECS)

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