Life at NGH

Life at NGH is about being part of a community that drives impactful change and growth. We set our employees up for success both inside and outside of the workplace.

Working at NGH

Working at NGH offers so much more than a career. We provide a variety of employee benefits to support the passions of our employees both inside and outside of work. From professional development, flexible working arrangements and working alongside industry leaders. We understand that looking for a job that is right is important – that is why working for us is the best – it’s where work meets purpose!

Our difference

Where professional aspirations align harmoniously with personal values to have strong and meaningful achievements.

Our network of partners prioritise ethical principles, sourcing and practices to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable business environment.

Our competitive remuneration packages are designed to attract, retain and motivate top professionals.

Approved time that exceeds the standard hours, is compensated to ensure fair remuneration.

Our paid parental leave scheme supplements the government’s, offering additional financial support to ensure employees receive full pay during their leave period under the government scheme (GPPLS).

We support flexible working that aligns with our business needs and achieves optimal productivity, wellness, and work-life balance. 

Our flexible work is underpinned by our three pillars collaboration, connection and achievement.

Our team is empowered to recognise and reward behaviours and efforts that reflect and reinforce our values.

Our approach to performance management involves partnering with colleagues to identify development opportunities, creating pathways for growth and advancement.

We engage in professional development, networking, and skill building opportunities to broaden expertise.

Rest days are offered to recognise the importance of well-being and life events beyond the workplace.

We access a range of confidential wellness resources, including counselling and leadership support, for overall well-being.

To maintain good health we encourage physical fitness and healthy habits, not only during work hours but outside of work hours too.

Our Graduate Learning Development Program integrates technical and operational experience for real world, tangible learning outcomes. We  develop great consultants! 

Our offices extend along the eastern seaboard from Cairns to Melbourne and all the places in between! 

We have spacious, modern offices designed for comfort and efficiency, with sit/stand desks and state-of-the-art meeting facilities.

We actively cultivate a culture of learning, collaboration and continuous growth through partnerships with our industry leaders who share wisdom, skill development, and leadership excellence. 

Join us #WhereWorkMeetsPurpose


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