Wind Industry Summit 2023 sponsorship

Clean Energy Council’s Wind Industry Summit 2023
Thursday 4 May | Melbourne
Session B – ‘Good neighbours make good friends – best practice environmental and social outcomes

Once again, we are proudly sponsoring the Clean Energy Council’s Wind Industry Summit, Australia’s premier event for the renewable energy sector which brings together key stakeholders and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and developments.

The event will feature the panel discussion “Good neighbours make good friends – best practice environmental and social outcomes”, with contributions by our Principal Environmental Planner for Renewable Energy Assessments, Brooke Marshall, and fellow panellists Felicity Taylor-Edwards – Squadron, William Churchill – ACCIONA, and Anthony Russo – Ark Energy.

Brooke’s presentation will provide valuable insights into best practices for environmental and social outcomes for wind projects. Her experience in the industry spans back to the early 2000s, giving her a unique perspective on the challenges of introducing new technologies like wind and solar to communities.

Brooke will focus on improving the approach to impact assessment and best practices for social sustainability. Attendees can also expect to learn about strategies for addressing biodiversity risks early in the development process.

Our ongoing partnership with the Clean Energy Council underscores our commitment to supporting the renewable energy sector, and the event provides an excellent opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experience to support Australia’s clean energy transition” says Brooke.

See Clean Energy Council Wind Industry Summit website to learn more about the event.

About Brooke Marshall
Brooke is an accomplished environmental impact assessment practitioner with more than 18 years of experience. She has exceptional expertise in planning large-scale renewable energy infrastructure, particularly in wind farm development since 2005 and solar farms since 2009. Brooke has worked on more than 60 significant renewable energy projects in NSW, collaborating with various stakeholders such as developers, community groups, government officials, and industry experts. Her experience encompasses wind farm planning and site constraints, wind farm assessment methods, biodiversity survey and offset planning.

Brooke is a Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (REAP), a designation only awarded to individuals who have demonstrated the highest level of professional competency and ethical standards in the environmental field. Her views were sought by the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner, for insights on large-scale energy infrastructure impacts on communities before the release of the office’s first annual report. Currently, as a principal planner for renewable energy assessments, Brooke provides direction, senior review, and top-level advice to clients, focusing primarily on state-significant wind, solar, and battery facilities under NSW legislation.

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